Vase Squad - 4 limited edition vases per year

vase squad.jpg
vase squad.jpg

Vase Squad - 4 limited edition vases per year


You'll receive one very special vase every three months for a year--4 vases in total. These vases will not be available anywhere else. Vases are my absolute favorite form to make and I'm excited to explore medium sized zig zag vessels, multi-spouted vases, and interesting flower bricks. The vases will average 6 - 8" high with retail value of $200 - $250 each.

There are only 4 memberships available per year. Vases will be delivered September, December (in time for the holidays), March, and June.

Special perks of being in Vase Squad:

  • Exclusive designs and colorways only available through Pot Club
  • Free shipping all year on my website
  • First notification of new work posted on my site
  • Bonus surprises with quarterly shipments
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